American Soldiers in Iraq

June 12, 2008

Government of Iraq

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Operation Iraqi freedom goal was to overthrow the power of Suddam Hussein.  When this event occurred they planned on establishing a more solid government.  The bush administrative stated the goal that they were trying to maintain was, “to transform Iraq into a democracy that could be a model for the rest of the region and would prevent Iraq from becoming a safehaven for Islamic or other terrorists”. (Katzman)   President Bush talked about how he wanted to stay close with Iraq and lead them through the transition to there new government. In July of 2003 the Iraq governing council (IGC) was established and the members where announced. It included three women and then a mixture of the different major party branches of Iraq. Some of them included Shiites, Suni Arab, and Kurds where just a few. . In September of 2003 the Iraq Governing council decided upon doing a twenty five person cabinet.  Some thought of Iraq governing council as not successful in there practices of reclaiming some form of law. As for presidency changed monthly and one of the presidents Izzaddin Salim the president of May 2004 a Shiite was shot outside of the Iraq government Headquarters. Sovereignty was needed for Iraq.


The Iraq Government Council and the Coalition Provisional Authority made a draft by February of 2004 that sovereignty would be returned to Iraq by June of 2004.  For this process to have the constitution made up from each of the 18 provinces in Iraq a 15 member committee would have to be created. Then the next step in the process would be an assembly that chooses the high end positions and who would get them. Once sovereignty was handed over the U.S. officials no longer have final authority on non-security related issues. Voting and having an opinion is being allowed to the Iraq citizens with the help of the United States election assistance being given. United States have stayed in close ties with the government and are giving training to leaders to show them the ways there government can work effectively.  Officials of the U.S. are saying that Iraq is at its freest point ever. 



“The Bush Administration maintains that holding to the existing political and security transition plans, while working with foreign allies and pro-U.S. Iraqis, will lead to stability and democracy”(katzman 36).  The Iraq forces are being taught to be strong so one day they can control Iraq by themselves.   Units of the Iraq forces are fighting online battle lines with the United States Troup’s.  Iraq troop enforcers are paid; 60 dollars per month and receive 6 weeks of training.  Iraq has a National Guard that helps in combat and over 41,000 have the correct training to be part of the National Guard one has to not be affiliated as a colonial or higher position in the previous army of Iraq. 


There are two views of how the American Troops being in Iraq are negative because they fell that it is pointless because Iraq will not be able to stabilize; so the U.S. government should remove the troops.  Yet on the opposing side says that if the U.S. removes itself from Iraq then the Interim government banded together to create will be destroyed.


The Iraq government has been helped out by the United States with establishment of trying to create a democracy in Iraq.  Through funding and training the United States have been working one on one with helping to establish who is in power and when the power counts.  Of course the Iraq Government is going to be fighting on the sidelines with the United States Soldiers if funding is going to helping out the Iraq.  




The American government is fully accepted by the Iraq government. Yet I only feel this way because seeing what control the USA government has had by implementing new rules because of the funding and restoration that the Bush Administrative has been dedicated at doing.  The government of Iraq is not its own government we have a power over it and are training in a way we wish to see it.  This does allow for American Troops and Iraq Troops to be working as one. I feel like having the American troops in Iraq is not good because the government of the United States is the one in control.            



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