American Soldiers in Iraq

June 3, 2008

US Government Perspective on War

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Most in this country seem to be against the war. They want the soldiers brought home safely and for the war to end right away. How does our government feel about the war? They are the ones that declared war, but do they all believe in the war that they started? How do they feel about sending our troops over to fight in something they may or may not still believe in? When do they think the war will end and how are they going to go about ending it?

            On March 19th, 2003 our government sent its first attack on Iraq which they called the “decapitation attack”. It was an air strike on the war targets, Saddam Hussein and other leaders in Baghdad. It gave us unclear results. The following day they sent another air strike and the first set of ground troops. And from there we continue to attack by air and by ground. In October of 2002 “Congress adopts a joint resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq and gives the president authority to take preemptive, unilateral military action against Iraq, when and how he deems necessary. The bill is opposed by 133 representatives and 23 senators” ( Congress gave the president rule over the military actions while a huge chunk of the government was against that decision.

            There are many reasons that are said to be the reasons behind this war one of the main ones is the fight against terrorism. After our country was attacked on September 11th 2002 we felt the need to defend our country. We weren’t about to just let the terrorist come and attack our country and just leave it at that. When attacked everyone feels the need to defend themselves, but it then turned into “the war on terror.” The “USA believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which it feared would fall in the hands of terrorist…The US Congress states that the war was a carried out to help “prosecute the war on terrorism”. The main cause, motive as well as the consequences of the war till date remain controversial” (

            The reasons for the war are controversial and some believe that the main reason for the war is for oil. “Commentators the world over had said all along that talk about going into Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and because he had killed thousands of his own people was just to win international approval for launching the attack on his regime” ( “It’s no wonder, with statements like these, that 65% of Americans in 2003 thought Saddam was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks. What is striking is that, with such widespread misperception, the Bush Administration has made virtually no attempt to straighten the record. And in fact seems intent on keeping the misconception alive” ( The government was willing to use whatever they could to keep themselves in Iraq for oil. “President Bush answered growing antiwar protests yesterday with a fresh reason for US troops to continue fighting in Iraq: protection of the country’s vast oil fields, which he said would otherwise fall under the control of terrorist extremists” ( That statement was made in 2005, in that statement he tries to defend both protecting oil and fighting to control terrorists. The government doesn’t seem very sure on why we are fighting this war, and in trying to figure the reasons out they are telling us combinations of them all.

            Not only are there all of those previously stated reasons being thrown out there but don’t forget the idea that we are bringing democracy to Iraq. The media plays a huge role in what we hear as the reasons for this war, but this is by far one of the most stated reasons from the media. We are told daily that we are making progress in bringing democracy in Iraq. “While President Bush vows to transform Iraq into a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, his administration has been scaling back funding for the main organizations trying to carry out his vision by building democratic institutions such as political parties and civil society groups” ( In my opinion the government is no where near clear as to why we are still in Iraq. The President is doing one thing while his administration is another.

            With all of this controversy Americans just aren’t sure what to think of the country. According to a poll done by CBS news showed that “With U.S. troops continuing to take casualties in Iraq, less than half of Americans now believe the U.S. is in control of the situation there — a dramatic decline from April, when 71 percent thought it was. Less than half now say Iraq was a threat that required immediate action. And while 54 percent still believe that removing Saddam Hussein from power was worth the costs of war, that figure, too, has declined from 65 percent in May. Americans are also less positive now in their assessment of the U.S. effort in Iraq. Today, six in ten say U.S. efforts are going at least somewhat well (only 6% describe them as going very well) and over one-third of Americans say the U.S. efforts are going badly, up from less than one in four who thought so in May” (this poll was taken in July of 2003). The following are the graphs from this poll.





Going very well

Going somewhat well

Going somewhat badly

Going very badly

            Those graphs are just a few on With all that goes on behind this war there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what the reasons behind this war are. Is what we hear from the media the true reasons or are they just what our government wants us to believe. How are we supposed to get ourselves out of a war when we really aren’t clear on why we are there in the first place? The government has many views on the war as do the American people. Maybe once the war is over we will find out the true reasons behind the war.

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